Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rike's Beef Barbecue & Cheesecake Pie

Ok, yea I know it's been a long while since I last posted something.  Here are two things that I actually made a couple weeks ago, but am just now getting to posting. I guess cooking hasn't had my full attention as I have probably been distracted with selling a house and Charlie Sheen...

Above are pictures of Rike's Beef Barbecue (page 172) and Cheesecake Pie (page 188).
The barbecue was an easy recipe as long as you can wait the 1 hour in the oven. It called for 3 pounds of beef, but I knocked it down to 1.  Ingredients are hamburger, onions, catsup (that's how it's spelled in the book), chili sauce, and hamburger relish.  After making this I am guessing hamburger relish is different than what I used. I used sweet relish, and it was too much for my taste. If I do it again, I would leave the relish out.  However, the finsihed product still tasted good.

The Cheesecake Pie was..... fine.  I had a piece and it tasted good. I gave the rest away and as far as I know no one got sick.  The pie is made on a graham cracker crust.  The recipe tells you how to make the crust yourself, but I ended up using a store bought one. I would not say my pie was nearly as good as some you get in restaurants. But...I can't remember the last time I got cheesecake at a restaurant.

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